Call for Abstracts: INHWE Online 2021

We would like to invite potential participants to submit abstracts to the INHWE Virtual Conference of Health Workforce Education and Research on the overall conference theme of Team Based Learning and Leadership. We will also accept abstracts submitted for topics that should be taught in an interprofessional way, such as communication and intergenerational training. Further information can be found in the full Call for Abstract document but if you have any doubt about your abstracts relevance please contact INHWE Director, David Smith. The deadline for proposals is Monday 16th November 2020 and all abstracts must be submitted via the following webform:

Submission System:

Call for Abstracts: Call for Abstracts #INHWEOnline2021

Virtual Conference Theme: Team Based Learning and Leadership

Leadership and Team Based Learning, the theme of the #INHWEOnline2021 Virtual Conference, are two of the most important topics for our members. Health professionals are dealing with constant changes to both the health systems they work in and the patients they serve. Equipping the health workforce with the skills to deal with this change is of the upmost importance for healthcare educators, researchers and policy makers. Leadership and collaborative practice are distinct but interrelated topics that are assisting health professionals adapt to their changing environment.

Leadership training for health professionals has been on the rise since the early 1990’s when ‘new public management’ changed the opinion of policy makers and catapulted leadership skills to the top of the public-sector agenda. Rising financial and operational pressures to health systems in recent years have placed an ever increasing responsibility on all health professionals to conduct their activities with the wider health system in mind. Healthcare education has thus looked to increased leadership training as a way of equipping health professionals to deal with such pressures.

Team Based Learning (TBL) is a highly structured “flipped classroom” teaching method that solves common challenges encountered in healthcare education. TBL creates enquiring students, who are able to study information independently outside of the classroom and can then use that information to solve scientific or clinical problems with their colleagues, creatively. TBL helps students to take responsibility and be accountable for their own learning, to be able to explain key concepts, make a reasoned argument, and work well with others, including in an inter-professional setting. TBL as a method really can deliver all this and promotes collaborative practice when students enter the workforce.

Key Dates 

Monday 21st September 2020:  Call for Abstracts Opens

Monday 5th October 2020:         Registration Opens

Monday 16th November 2020:   Call for Abstract Deadline

Monday 23rd November 2020:   Notification of Acceptance or Rejection of Abstracts

Monday 7th December 2020:     Presenters' Registration Deadline

Monday 4th January 2021:         Registration Closes

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