The International Network for Health Workforce Education hosts two types of event each year: one flagship International Congress of Health Education & Research and a number of smaller Regional Health Education Conferences. Our Network also supports its members and other organisations by providing professional conference organisation (PCO) services. Our international and regional events are offered to members at a discounted price.


DIGI4ME Final Conference

Friday 29th September 2023, Athens, Greece

The Digi4Me Final Conference will take place on Friday 29th September 2023 and is a completely free event that will provide attendees with all the skills they need to teach and understand digital skills in multiple healthcare environments and within inter-professional groups. The conference will be held in Athens, Greece and the main aim of the conference was to provide stakeholders with a demonstration of the Digi4Me platform for digital skills training in the health care sector. EU Educational Institutes, VETs, Health Care Associations, and relevant EU Enterprises will exchange skills, experience, and accessibility to be embodied in a single high quality training framework improving Digital Skill training all over European Countries.

The DIGI4ME project (Health sector skill alliance for creating innovative and efficient VET programmes and improving the digital Skills of medical physics and health professionals) runs from November 2020 to October 2023.

Conference Webpage: https://inhwe.org/digi4me-final-conference

Project Webpage: https://inhwe.org/projects


4th International Congress of Health Education and Research

Wednesday 26th to Thursday 27 June 2024, Barcelona, Spain

We are very pleased to announce that the 4th International Congress of Health Workforce Education and Research will take place in Barcelona, Spain from Wednesday 26th June to Thursday 27 June 2024. The event, postponed in 2020, is the 4th iteration of our main conference which we hold once a year and is the prime meeting place for international health workforce educators, researchers and policy makers. This two day event is held to promote interdisciplinary co-operation and critical understanding of the latest research in the field of health workforce education, training and development.

Conference Webpage: https://inhwe.org/barcelona-2024





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