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Matteo Vezzosi
EuroHealthNet publishes new Policy Précis on Gender, Health and Inequalities

A new EuroHealthNet Policy release is now available to examine the links between gender, health, and inequalities during the ongoing pandemic and before. It also looks at practices from Austria, Italy, Finland and Ireland that address those inequalities.

Titled "Making the Link: Gender Equality and Health" this new publication looks at the pathways in which systematic disparities, such as the employment gap and the digital gender divide, lead to inequalities in health and social and economic wellbeing across the life course. It explores how the current pandemic further magnifies these inequalities. Examples of good practices from EU Member States illustrate how countries can move forward. These include anti-violence centres that also rehabilitate the perpetrators of violence, and gender-sensitive workplace health promotion.

For more info and to read the Policy Précis in full please visit: https://eurohealthnet.eu/PP-Gender