Lessons learned from the EmERGE Project

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Matteo Vezzosi
Lessons learned from the EmERGE Project

EmERGE was a 5-year project funded by the European Commission H2020 Programme that developed an mHealth platform to enable self-management of HIV in patients with stable disease. The digital health pathway and platform were developed with a rigorous co-design approach to ensure patient and clinician input to the solution. EmERGE provides users with a mobile device application which interfaces securely with relevant medical data and facilitates remote access to key healthcare providers. The EmERGE platform has been validated in a large study of over 2,200 patients in Belgium, Croatia, Portugal, Spain and the UK, using a tailored Health Technology Assessment process, specifically developed for the assessment of mHealth solutions.

At their Virtual stakeholders meeting on 2nd September 2020, participants discussed digital heath pathways for people living with HIV; transferability and scale up; as well as advantages/disadvantages of telemedicines/digital tools in COVID 19 context, ensuring patient engagement in shaping services and leaving no one behind. For details please visit: https://www.emergeproject.eu/meeting

Reports on overcoming barriers to m-health implementation and guidelines to support co-design for improved usability, acceptability and patient outcomes in mHealth developments are available at: https://www.emergeproject.eu/policy