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David Smith
Event: A Health Care Workforce for the Digital Age (5th November 2019)

Here is an event taking place in Brussels which colleagues might be interested in attending:

Digital technologies are an inevitable part of the future of the European health workforce. It is crucial that health care professionals possess enough resources, skills and support to enable the digital transformation of care. As innovation and new technologies continue to revolutionise the modern medical landscape, it is ultimately the responsibility of health care professionals to adopt and apply such innovations. It will require the joint effort of many parties to help transitioning and training the future of the health care workforce to knowledgeably engage with technologies and digitalisation.EU institutions are working to facilitate this transition throughout their initiatives to build Electronic Health Records, aiming at building consistent infrastructure for data sharing across Europe, and to promote digital skills. Despite all the initiatives that the EU have embraced so far, health care education and systems might not keep pace with digital developments. Three areas of focus for digital health implementation still require coordination and best practice sharing: infrastructures, management & organisation of work and skilling.The debate will aim to discuss the following issues:

  • What structural changes in health care settings can support health workers in leading the digital revolution?
  • What skills do health care workers need to maximise the benefits of digital technologies?
  • How EU policies can support health care workers in scaling up innovation?

Register for free here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/a-health-care-workforce-for-the-digital-age-tickets-76214763409


This sounds like it would have been such a great conversation. As i read the small bullet points around the sub themes of the prompts for the conversation, I was reminded of serving in India and how the conversation is understandably around the physical infrastructure- something that came to the forefront around April when the country experienced the worst kinds of health impediments to treat Covid. Even looking at a basic Health Education (like this one https://www.bartleby.com/textbooks/health-the-basics-the-mastering-healt...) gives us an idea of the institutions using jargon and vocabulary that is based on Western medico-industrial-pharmaco complex. Wonder if that is something that will need to be unpacked for countries like India which definitely need more boost for saving more lives as they await the third wave