European Health Parliament HWF Planning Committee

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European Health Parliament HWF Planning Committee

Dear all,

My name is Jan De Belie, I’m a pharmacist and member of the Health Workforce Planning (HWP) committee of this year’s European Health Parliament (EHP) edition.

The EHP is a platform of young European citizens with diverse backgrounds. With the aim of shaping the future of healthcare in Europe, participants are working together over 6 months to develop political solutions around specific topics like HWP. The objective is to deliver policy-oriented recommendations that can be implemented by the European Commission or any other national government as a possible legislative proposal. More information about EHP can be found on .

Within our working group we are working on recommendations to a greater uptake of digital skills, soft skills and interprofessional education in healthcare training in Europe, both on undergraduate as postgraduate level.

We would be very interested to hear from your experiences and efforts in advocating for a greater uptake of these skills, both on national as European level. More specifically, we would be interested to understand from your experience what policy frameworks you identify as being critical to address, and if you have had any recent succesful developments in your efforts.

We are open for all your ideas and suggestions, you can share them here or you can also reach me on my email

Thank you in advance and looking forward to hearing your views!