The aim of this work group is to promote and disseminate research on education and training of Healthcare professionals. This is in line with the vision of the International Network for Health Workforce Education of closing the gap between the different actors in education of healthcare professionals. Research into these topics provides reliable information to policy makers, supporting the decision making process and leading to stronger actions which are backed up by evidence. It also promotes change in all areas of the education of health staff: at education and clinical institutions, allowing for students and patients to benefit from a work forced that is better educated and prepared to deal with the complexities of human health.

The aim of this workgroup will be achieved through the following objectives:

  • Recognise the importance of research into education of the healthcare workforce
  • Promote research in the field of education and training of health professionals
  • Recognise that education can occur both in education and clinical institutions and promote best practices in all settings
  • Promote discussion between members
  • Act as medium to establish collaboration between researchers
  • Create and encourage dialogue to help identify improvements in health workforce training and education
  • Promote the development of policy recommendations supported by research
  • Disseminate research in education and training of health workforce

Join the Working Group

Chair: Mr. Jose Guilherme Couto, University of Malta

Dr. Jose Guilherme Couto started his path in education as a clinical supervisor of therapy radiographers in 2009 and his role as an educator extended into teaching in 2012. His most recent post being Assistant Lecture in Radiography at the University of Malta. This experience gave him insight into education of this particular group of professionals and he decided to expand the knowledge in this area when deciding to research the Education of Radiography in Europe as part of his PhD at Ulster University, Belfast. Research into education and training of healthcare professionals is a topic that is of great personal interest and which Dr. Couto is happy to further explore as a chair of this working group on Research in the Education and Training of Health Professionals.

As chair, he would like to see the value of research into this topic recognised, not only for educators and students, but also for the patients that benefit from better educated professionals and, ultimately, for the whole population. In view of this, Dr. Couto wants to promote research in this area by supporting discussion between members, allow the working group to act as medium to establish collaboration between researchers, participate in research projects and disseminate the results of research in the area of education and training of healthcare professionals.