Chair: Ms. Valia Kalaitzi, Maastricht University

The Working Group aims to present potential gaps in health professionals’ representation in health workforce, how those gaps may be addressed and what may be potential benefits and opportunities in a gender balanced health workforce. The primary objectives of the working group are: 

  • To map the problems and different aspects both geographically, on specialty basis and on generation basis may also be considered an important contribution into shaping a deeper insight of gender equality in health professionals.
  • To develop a network of stakeholders interested in the topic and supporting the idea that gender equality and equity of health professionals may contribute significantly both on improving health workforce development and performance, on patients’ care and on health systems sustainability. 
  • To develop and promote relevant reports, policy brief and, potentially, guidelines and/or tools how to measure gender equality in health workforce in local contexts will also contribute to topic awareness and practical approach. 
  • To organize, develop and promote a relevant session during annual INHWE conference aiming to present research outcomes, policy gaps and guidelines and opportunities to address the topic from different aspects and in different regions across the globe. 
  • To invite interested parties to exchange ideas, concerns, solutions to promote gender equality in health workforce in any possible and effective way.

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