Virtual Round table: Prevention at the heart of the European health systems

Health First Europe invites all INHWE members to attend the virtual roundtable of the European Parliament's Interest Group on Innovation in Health and Social Care. The event named "Transforming healthcare: Prevention at the heart of the European health systems" is co-chaired by MEP Irena Joveva, MEP Tudor Ciuhodaru, and MEP Tomislav Sokol.

Health First Europe ( would like to give its concrete contribution to the debate on transforming healthcare, starting from fostering secondary prevention. This virtual meeting will involve a broad and diverse range of health stakeholders to formulate concrete proposals for the future of a strong European Health Union. Key issues to be discussed: investing into secondary prevention and preparedness to optimise public health response to health threats; good practices and policy actions to foster screening and early diagnosis in Europe; the role for clinical laboratories in fostering access to screening.

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