We are pleased to announce the release of the online repository of teaching and learning materials for the StoryAidEU project. As well as our results page, we wanted to provide educators with a place where they can find all the materials they need to implement all or part of our storytelling course into their own training courses. The first step is to read our concise Training Guide which provides everything you need to know about our project, the resources available and some suggestions for implementation. You can then find the associated Coursebook for students and Group Work Guide with examples for each module.

On the online repository you can also find the PowerPoint slides for each module along with the video lectures we have created and other audio/visual materials. Link:

The StoryAidEU (Humanizing Healthcare Education through the use of Storytelling) Project explores a new model of healthcare training using storytelling in an interdisciplinary setting as a crucial tool for educators to show the hidden and silent stories of both, patients, healthcare processional, loved one, and vulnerable people who are receiving care. The project consortium has conducted a full review of IPE, humanism in healthcare and storytelling approaches which are now combined into a training curriculum for healthcare educators together with a coursebook, learning videos and interactive lectures.