VRHealthLeaders - A Multifaceted Virtual Reality Learning Platform for Future Healthcare Leaders

We are please to inform our members that INHWE has started a new project for which we are the lead partner along with 5 partner organisations. The VRHealthLeaders project will use virtual reality as a primary tool for leadership training as VR simulation offers educators the chance to provide students with experiential learning that they would otherwise not have available to them. In this project we will use virtual reality (applicable in both low and high fidelity settings) to increase the leadership capabilities of future healthcare managers and policy makers by using public health crises as the key theme of the training.

A kick off meeting for VRHealthLeaders was held online in May 2021 creating action plans for the first 12 months of the project and the agenda ended with items on project management, dissemination, and communication. Importantly, the consortium got to know one another during a quick fire introductions and icebreaker section of the meeting. We look forward to our next meeting which will hopefully take place in person in Nicosia, Cyprus in mid December 2021.

For further info you can visit or contact us via