Masterclass with INHWE Member Dr. Itiel Dror

Dr. Itiel Dror, University College London and member of INHWE, is running a mastercall titled "A Cognitive Neuroscientific Perspective on Improving Patient Care and Safety" on Friday 27th April 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. The masterclass will bring a novel cognitive neuroscientific perspective on the topic of improving patient care and safety. This masterclass will cover a range of cognitive and meta-cognitive issues, and how they relate to medical decision making and improving patient care & safety. The objective of this session is to provide cognitive knowledge and stimulate attendees to think about patient care and safety from a cognitive perspective, and to present some of the latest ideas and innovations in this area. The workshop will bridge theory and practice, and suggest practical ways to better train and increase the quality of decision making, to enhance patient care. In addition to specific ways to enhance medical decision making, the workshop will try to provide more in-depth tools to the participants. Such tools will accompany the participants in the future and will enable them to enhance and enrich their professional abilities. This is your opportunity to participate in an interactive workshop and learn from Itiel in a small group setting.

More information is available here and to register for the event please click here.