DigitalHealthEurope (DHE) is an initiative funded by the European Commission to facilitate the advancement of health stakeholders in the policy priorities of the European Digital Single Market. It encourages large scale implementation of digital solutions through championing successful and highly impactful practices, providing funding via a dedicated twinning scheme to replicate and scale up such practices, and building capacity by defining “building blocks” that health and care stakeholders can reuse to advance their digital health and care implementation at local, regional and national level.

Twinnings are a funding mechanism facilitating the transfer and implementation of digitally enabled innovative practices from one European region to another: The region that offers the innovation is called originator, and the implementing region is the adopter.

There are five different and very specific types of twinnings that range from "knowledge exchange and training" to "full adoption/acquisition". Funded activities within a twinning include the ventures necessary to carry out the twinning such as organising hosting meetings or technical groups, financing travel expenses, licenses, or fees for professional services.

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