H-Com EU Info Day

The H-Com Project (Health Communication Training for Health Professionals) Is running an EU Info Day in Athens on the 14th of June 2018. The purpose of the event will be to present the results of the H-Com project and discuss the future of health communication training in the EU with experts in the field.

The aim of the H-Com Project is to build and strengthen communication skills among health professionals that will positively influence their work with both their patients and their co-workers within the health care setting. Effective communication between health professionals and patients has been found to be crucial and important for the overall functioning of the healthcare system. It has a positive impact on readmission rates, understanding treatment options, adherence to treatment, following the medication schedule with consistency, cost related impacts and overall positive health outcomes for patients.

For more information on the H-Com Project please visit h-com.eu and for further details regarding the Info Day please email David Smith who will put you in contact with the relevent contact person.