The European Health Parliament (EHP) is a platform of selected 55 young professionals from across Europe, who work together over 7 months, with the aim of shaping the future of healthcare in Europe. They meet with key stakeholders and share their ideas with policy makers, NGOs, media and interested general public in order to deliver high-level policy-oriented recommendations presented to the European Commission as possible legislative proposal. The movement started 4 years ago, and it has been successful even since. This year the EHP celebrated its third edition, gathering the young bright full minds around five major challenges for the health care in the EU, one of them being the Health Workforce Planning (HWP).

Putting HWP on the agenda today, means having significant results tomorrow towards a better healthcare system. It is important to emphasize that a sustainable EU healthcare system requires immediate actions by creating and maintaining healthcare systems on a national level in each of the Member states of the EU. This is why we, as Health Workforce Planning Committee consisting of 8 members, developed recommendations on the subjects of mobility and soft and transversal skills of health workforce. Those recommendations were presented officially on the final plenary session held on April 24.

Our Committee has aimed for five core objectives to be implemented at European and national level. We see that the EU can play an important role by taking the initiative in supporting Member states in developing national and regional HWP and uniting all relevant stakeholders and the existing research. Find all our policy recommendations here and let's #makehealthgreatagain!

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