The European Health Parliament (EHP) is a movement connecting and empowering the next generation of European health leaders to rethink EU health policies. Health systems are facing immense pressures to adapt their spending and other resources to match changing demographics, rising disease burdens, stronger patient empowerment and modern technologies. The current edition is debating five cross-cutting themes that are EU health priorities, allocated to five committees.The Interconnected Care Committee would like to invite you to help them defining and developing a better understanding regarding:

  1. the ever-growing demand for interconnected healthcare services and more efficient care in and beyond the hospital as well as its impact on the healthcare professionals (HCPs)
  2. the future skills that HCPs will need to be trained to provide interconnected quality care?
  3. how to enable the accessibility and portability of personal health records across borders?

The input received is of great value to lead the Interconnected Care Committee to positively influence the next new health policies and create a solid support order to present disruptive, inclusive and actionable solution.

The deadline for participation in this survey is 15 March 2020. Participate now by clicking here!