The digitization taking place in a range of work sectors is also affecting the European health sector. In this respect, health sector stakeholders need to be made aware and also trained on a range of digital technologies emerging as a result of this revolution termed Health 4.0. To cater for this need, a 24 month project, funded under Erasmus+ through Malta's National Agency EUPA, called ‘A Digital VET toolkit for promoting the 4th Industrial Revolution in the European health sector’ has commenced in October 2019. This project, Digi4Health involves 6 partners coming from Greece, Lithuania, Malta, Romania and Spain. The different partners are currently consulting health sector stakeholders to help develop a relevant set of training resources that will eventually be made freely available via a Digital toolkit. 

To remain updated on the results emerging from this project and to learn more about the topic of Health 4.0, please follow our webpage available at:  For further information, feel free to contact INHWE or send an email to Project Coordinators by email: