Joint Statement - Training future-proof doctors for the digital society

The European Commission's Thematic Network on Digital skills for future-proof doctors (Digital Doc) led by Erasmus MC, University Medical Center Rotterdam is focused on providing the right digital skills for the best future proof doctors in order to achieve effective, ethical, technology-driven health care systems that place people central. Following a number of webinars, communication via the platform and email, Digital Doc generated a draft Joint Statement on the digital transformation of healthcare.

The goal is to get digital technologies being used costeffectively and ethically in medical practice, so they will contribute to better patient care and more sustainable healthcare systems. The joint statement aims to focus on actions needed to prepare future and current doctors to cope with and contribute to the digital healthcare transformation through the integration of digital competencies in the education and training curricula of medical doctors.

All relevant news and documentation available in the Agora Network of the EU Health Policy Platform:

Deadline to express feedback on the draft Joint Statement: December 15th 2020 via

Deadline to include organisations/institutes in the list of endorsements accompanying the Digital Doc Joint Statement: January 10th 2021 via