Formerly known as "Intensive Care Nursing", the aims of the "Intensive and Critical Care Nursing" Journal are to promote excellence of care of critically ill patients by specialist nurses and their professional colleagues; to provide an international and interdisciplinary forum for the publication, dissemination and exchange of research findings, experience and ideas; to develop and enhance the knowledge, skills, attitudes and creative thinking essential to good critical care nursing practice.

With the ongoing Call for Papers, the Journal wish to highlight research that contributes to addressing or responding to the global workforce needs and challenges, through a special issue. This is a call for papers reporting research studies, systematic reviews, integrative reviews, case studies, audits and commentary on current and emerging critical care nursing workforce issues and challenges including but not limited to:

  • Addressing population changes
  • Pandemics, epidemics and disaster response
  • Advanced practice roles in critical care
  • Regulation and role/title clarification
  • Evaluation of critical care nurse outreach services
  • Workforce development and education
  • Recruitment, retention and turnover
  • Workforce well-being and support services
  • Use of big data and technology to support critical care nurses
  • Innovative models of care

The closing date for submissions for the Special Issue is 01-04-2021. Further details and instructions to guide the preparation of your manuscript are available on thre dedicated portal.