On the last Friday of the month (excluding December and the summer holidays) INHWE will organise a meet up for its members to come together in a supportive environment and discuss topics that are important to the community. #INHWEMeets will be run by facilitators and topics will fall into one of our Working Group or other pertinent areas of interest. To register, all you need to do is click the link below and add your email. Then, on the day of the meeting, we’ll share the virtual meeting room link with you which will enable you to access the online space. Each meeting will last around 1 hour and all members are welcome to attend.

Season 2 (Late 2021) will be announced shortly.


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Season 1 (Early 2021)

Friday 26th February - Working Group on Health Workforce Policy and Research - Dr. Eszter Kovacs

  • Topic: Latest developments in health workforce planning and policies 

Friday 26th March - Working Group on Gender Equality in Health Professional Education - Dr. Valia Kalaitzi

  • Topic: Breaking the silos: Developing a realistic roadmap to address the equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) challenges for the ever-changing healthcare workforce

Friday 30th April - Working Group on Research in the Education and Training of Health Professionals - Mr. Jose Guilherme Couto

  • Topic: What is the role of research in transforming healthcare occupations into healthcare professions?

Friday 28th May - Working Group on Caring for Vulnerable People - Prof. Adrian Schoo

  • Topic: Optimising self-support and reported health outcomes in people with chronic disease, and sustaining these over time