Event Highlights

There is something for everyone at Athens 2018, here are just some of the highlights:

Delegates – Over 100 delegates from across the globe makes this a truly international event. Attendance comprises a multi-stakeholder and inter-disciplinary group combining educators, research and policy makers from multiple healthcare fields.

Networking – We have organised a busy two days but our schedule allows for multiple chances to network with other delegates, whether that be during one of our coffee breaks, at our opening reception, or during our icebreaker session.

Plenary – Our plenary panel, organised by our host the National School of Public Health, will give attendees an insight into the recent economic crisis in Greece in the context of health professional education.

Presentations – we have over 60 presentations packed into two days so there is something for everyone. These combine the latest research, practical training methods and innovative solutions to health workforce issues.

Panels – A number of issue-specific panels are also included in the programme with topics such as simulation, digital skills and gender being discussed by high profile colleagues from across the globe.

Workshops – We have scheduled interactive workshops for delegates to actively engage with particular issues, such as the workshop run by colleagues from the InterHealth project focusing on improving intercultural education & training.

Meet the Editors – A session will bring together three special issue journal editors who will offer practical information on how to get published while also providing delegates with the chance to ask questions.

Icebreaker – Our entertaining icebreaker, run by our conference partners CultureMee, will get our event off to a great start. The icebreaker will provide a light-hearted look at culture which will help frame future discussions and provide a provocative start to Athens 2018.

Partnering Journals – We’ve partnered with two journals Pharmacy and the Nursing and Palliative Care (NPC) which will give participants the chance to explore opportunities to publish and promote their work in these open-access publications.

Food & Drink – Our event offers an all-inclusive service while you are on site. You’ll be greeted by hot coffee in the morning, given a delicious hot & cold buffet lunch, and served a relaxing drink at the end of the day.

Social Setting – The morning coffee breaks, welcome reception drinks, the historical sights of central Athens, and finishing on Friday all mean that you’ll have plenty of time to relax and recharge during and after this busy event!

Partners & Sponsors – We’ve teamed up with academic institutions, NGOs and private organisations to provide you with the best possible event… we’re sure you’ll enjoy it!