Digital solutions have the potential to radically transform health systems and education by providing better outcomes, service and quality through technopolitical advances. Europe faces increased demand for health services due to ageing populations, rising patient mobility, and a diminishing supply of health workers caused by retirement rates that surpass recruitment rates. Digital technologies, including eHealth advancements, aim to tackle these issues by creating smarter healthcare process, allowing services to be delivered closer to patients, and reducing the workload of healthcare professionals. However, health professionals’ digital skills often fall short of the required level to use such new technology. This working group assesses this issue and aims to find educational solutions to issues related to new technology and digital skills. 

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Co-Chairs: Mrs. Rachelle Blake and Dr. Val Kozmenko

Rachelle Blake PA, MHA is the CEO and founder of Omni Micro Systems/ Omni Med Solutions GmbH. Rachelle has been in the information technology, workflow, quality assurance, education, health care and computer applications industry for more than three decades. She incorporates her extensive clinical experience, background in business administration, executive level IT experience and dedication to maintaining a world view philosophy on business and life into the direction of Omni Micro Systems/ Omni Med Solutions GmbH.

Valeriy Kozmenko MD, CHSE is the director of the Parry Center for Clinical Skills and Simulation and has a faculty appointment within internal medicine. He is responsible for the overall management and strategic planning of the center, conducting research and publications in simulation, offering faculty development, and co-leading the scholarship pathways program.