Digi4Health - A Digital VET Toolkit for Promoting the 4th Industrial Revolution in the European Health Sector


As outlined in the 2018 EC document 'Enabling the digital transformation of health and care in the Digital Single Market,' digital solutions for healthcare can increase the well-being of millions of citizens and radically change the way healthcare is delivered to patients. Emerging technologies such 3D Printing and Virtual Reality provide means by which healthcare professionals will be increasingly supported in their work, all aimed towards enhancing interprofessional cooperation and ultimately personalised patient care. As a result of these technologies, we are starting to see the impact of the 4th industrial revolution on healthcare, known as Health4.0.


Educators and trainers of the health workforce need to be urgently assisted to catch up with the range of digital technology advancements taking place due to Health4.0. At the same time, as working adults, healthcare personnel have a difficulty to find the time to attend continuous professional development (CPD) courses. Nevertheless, these adult workers need to be supported learning about digital technologies infiltrating the health sector. For this reason, VET trainers as well as healthcare mentors need a Toolkit with an open repository of relevant training resources to aid them in helping healthcare personnel catch up with HEALTH4.0 technologies even in work-based settings.


The primary aim of this Project called digi4HEALTH (A Digital VET Toolkit for Promoting the 4th Industrial Revolution in the European Health Sector) is to develop a novel digital toolkit by which European VET Trainers and health sector mentors can reach out and assist healthcare professionals and stakeholders to catch up with technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution.


The Digi4Health project runs from October 2019 to April 2022. For detailed information please visit Project summary by KAINOTOMIA:


  • MECB, Malta
  • UPB-CAMIS, Romania
  • KAUNAS STP, Lithuania
  • INHWE, Cyprus
  • KAINOTOMIA, Greece
  • KVELOCE I+D+i, Spain

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