Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts - Athens 2018

The European Conference on Health Workforce Education and Research is inviting abstract submissions which engage with one or more topics relating to ‘Leadership, Communication and Intercultural Education’. We also welcome abstracts and proposals on other important topics for healthcare education. The conference provides a unique setting for participants to explore these three themes and form new collaborations with international colleagues involved in teaching, research, and policy fields. The full Call for Abstracts can be found here. Submitters have until Friday 27th October 2017 and should use the following form to submit their proposals:

Leadership – Abstracts can be submitted on any number of topics relating to leadership of the health workforce. Possible topics might include: creating leaders who possess both cultural and professional values, developing leadership knowledge, creating future leaders in student training programmes, or challenges and opportunities for co-operation between health and business / management schools.

Communication – Abstracts can be submitted on any number of topics relating to improving communication of the health workforce. Possible topics might include: communication with patients or carers, shortages in communication training, communication perceptions among health professionals, or developments in communication training in teaching curricula.

Intercultural Training – Abstracts can be submitted on any number of topics relating to intercultural education for the health workforce. Examples of topics include: intercultural competences of healthcare professionals, provision of healthcare to ethnic minorities and newly arrived migrants, needs of healthcare professionals dealing with a changing patient base, challenges related to language and translation, or the impact of changing patient demographics on the healthcare sector and health professionals.

The Conference would welcome presentations adopting local, national and/or international perspectives on the above. The conference aims to bring together a range of stakeholders – abstracts can therefore reflect perspectives on teaching/training, research, and/or policy.

  • Teaching/Training: pedagogy, assessment methods, curricula, innovation, technology
  • Research: results from large-scale surveys, research projects, studies using innovative methods
  • Policy: new policy initiatives, future policy directions being pursued by governments and private/non-governmental organisations.

We are also keen to provide a platform for abstracts on topics not expressly linked to the conference theme but which explore topics of importance to healthcare education. Abstracts on topics such as digital skills for health professionals, translating health workforce policy into practice, issues of gender and equality in the health workforce, and inter-professional education and training are also welcome.

Deadline: The Call for Abstracts will open on 1st July 2017 and close on 27th October 2017